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5 Tips For Spotting a Bad Pilates Instructor in Fulham

As it gains popularity year after year across the UK, and indeed across the world, an increasing number of people are offering themselves up as Pilates experts ready to teach you all they know. And as is the case for anything else while there are some great Pilates Instructors in Fulham there are also more than a few not so great ones.

But if you are new to Pilates, how do you know who these 'bad eggs' are. It's actually easier to figure this out than you might imagine. In a nutshell, you might want to steer clear of a Pilates instructor Fulham if you encounter any of these five things in class:

They only offer standard options in class like “beginner” “intermediate” and “advanced”

The creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, never taught a group class because he believed the best way to teach Pilates was one on one. While that is not always the case these days, and while a group class can be fun, the best Pilates instruction is personalized to suit each individual and their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Your class is your teachers’ workout, too.

There are some Pilates instructors who never seem to leave their mat for the entire class. And that is not a good thing. If you are new to Pilates you will be coming into it knowing nothing about what is going to be taught to you and so 'just following along' is not really going to get you anywhere. In addition, although Pilates is a gentle form of exercise suitable for almost anyone injury is possible and without an instructor who is actively monitoring what you are doing you could end up getting hurt.

The teacher never demonstrates anything

If you are new to Pilates, or even if you are just learning a new movement you haven't attempted before the best way to learn is by seeing an expert do it. Teachers who stand at the front of a class and bark out orders and yet never demonstrate the movements themselves are almost certainly not the Pilates instructor Fulham you need as you are never really going to learn anything.

They know nothing about the body

It stands to reason that anyone who is going to teach any kind of class related to health and fitness should know a lot about the human body and how it works. This is especially true of Pilates as the whole premise behind it is very much based on what its creator took the time to learn about human physiology over the course of years.

While we are not suggesting that all Pilates instructors should have years of medical training, being able to demonstrate a good knowledge of how their student's bodies work and how the exercises and movements they are teaching will affect it is a must.

So, now that you know what makes a bad Pilates instructor Fulham, you are probably wondering what makes a good one. For starters, Joseph Pilates was right. One on one sessions are the best way to learn Pilates and that is especially true if you are an absolute beginner, so consider investing in private sessions with a Pilates instructor Fulham when you first start out.

You should also consider the 'vibe' of both the studio and the lessons. It's hard to get the most out of a Pilates session if the instructor is unfriendly or harsh, or the studio is old, run down or otherwise unsuitable.

Really want to make sure that you are making the right decision? Look for a Pilates instructor Fulham who offers a free trial session or class. That way you can find out just what taking a class with them will be like without having to risk wasting your hard earned cash.

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