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Physical Fitness is the first requisite for Happiness
                                                                        -J.H. Pilates

Baked in Italy but delivered in London :)

La Dolce Studio was founded in 2017 by Daniela Colognesi of Turin, Italy, but the story really began long before this. As someone who suffered from back pain due to scoliosis and an hyperlordotic posture (excessive curving of the lower spine) - it was in her search for a solution that she stumbled upon the world of pilates. It offered her a path to a healthier body in a way that proved more effective than previous remedies. 


From here the journey of group classes, to fitness classes to online exploration and the beginnings of becoming qualified did her journey begin. This has resulted in Daniela establishing herself as a successful Pilates instructor and massage therapist with both groups, private and studio clients in Turin - where she has worked at dance and pilates studios as well as having her own private practice.


After moving to London in February of 2017 to study Osteopathy at the University College of Osteopathy - Daniela has decided to extend her teachings to the residents (and more) of Fulham with her own space to help others with fitness and prehab in mind.

La Dolce Studio is her happy and loving space for women of all ages to become stronger, healthier, get back in control of their bodies and age with a smile on their face and a magic circle in their hands ;)


To sum up, here's a popular quote, that reflects the La Dolce Experience

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference,

in 20 you'll see the difference,

and in 30 you'll have a new body"

                              -J.H. Pilates


It's what's on the inside that counts

Great things can be delivered in small places ;)

Ours is a cozy home studio where you'll find an open, friendly, fun and intimate atmosphere.


As cheesy as it sounds (and we love that it does), you should feel free to show your weaknesses, but also be ready to work hard and improve fast with the La Dolce way





Head of Pilates & Massage

 Specialist 1:1 trainer. Osteopath in the making. Lover of chocolate and anything sweet


Head of Endurance

Ran over 30 marathons. On hand to discuss mindset and anything long distance



Head of Cuteness

Prance around the studio and outflexes us all. Often found meowing (you'll see what we mean when you come!)

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