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How often should I go to the gym for best results?

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Ah, the million-dollar question. At one (or some) point in our lives, we may have hit this wall and you’ve most likely wondered: how often is best?

This question is tricky as the answer to this will most likely depend on your definition of “results”.

By results, we mean your goal or the reason behind why you want to go to the gym.

Some go for weight loss, some go to improve their health. Some go for bodybuilding, while some go to feel better about themselves.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s totally valid.

However, the purpose of finding out the reason is directly related to answering the main question of this article. The term “best results” will vary depending on what you’re seeking to achieve and we’re going to tell you how often is often depending on your fitness goal.

For Weight Loss

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The amount of weight you want to lose is directly related to how often you should make that trip to the gym. But like in all things, there should be moderation. Yep, even in exercising.

If it’s your first time heading to the gym, chances are, you’re completely excited to shed off all the weight you want to lose.

But the point here is to not over exert yourself. This is the last thing you want to happen.

So exercise in moderation. For beginners, three to five workout sessions in a week would be good. Break down every session into smaller ones, for example, do 30-minute workout routines and then as you go along, you can make longer, more effective routines for better results.

For General Health

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Cat’s out of the bag– exercising and good health go hand in hand.

The American Heart Association recommends adults to have at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity of exercise per week. This includes aerobic workouts like walking and jogging.

As for gym visits, dedicating at least two to three days a week would give the best results.

Combining these two types of exercise is good for the heart. It also promotes muscle growth (more on this later, we promise!.

It would also be useful to know and understand which specific area you wish to work on: i.e the benefits we mentioned above.

Knowing where to focus can make your workout sessions more efficient and therefore can give you the best result!

For Bodybuilding

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Seeing fitness buffs in the gym can be quite intimidating. But it seems, sometimes we forget how admirable they are for the level of dedication and discipline they impose on themselves.

It’s one thing to go to the gym to stay fit, bodybuilding is an entirely different thing.

And this is where it gets intense: according to Beer N Biceps, professional bodybuilders train up to three times a day.

They can withstand this type of training with professional coaching (of course), insane discipline, and with the help of anabolic steroids.

Of course, anyone can hit the gym and do workouts every day. But the human body is only naturally capable of doing low-intensity, low-impact training to not wear ourselves out. So to train two-three times a day, and with the level of intensity bodybuilders engage to, is definitely one for the books.

For…. wait for it…. YOU!

There, we said it! Go to the gym for yourself! It doesn’t have to be for other people because of how they see you. What you think and feel about your body is the most important of all.

Going to the gym to make yourself feel better works– especially when you want to relieve stress.

It could have been a long day and you feel like you want to punch out a few here and there. The gym is the best place to do that! Make use of all the equipment that is available, sweat it out like there’s no tomorrow and we promise you, all the stress accumulated from the day (or week) will be gone by the time you walk out from the gym.

The gym can be your comfort place, despite how tough it looks from the outside.

Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to combat stress, and for this purpose, there is no definite rule on how often you should go. However, it is suggested that it’s best to build a routine– something consistent– to reduce stress, relieve tension, anxiety and promote a better quality of sleep.

Final thoughts

Exercising should never feel like a chore. You need to love what you do so you do it often– that way you can include workouts in your daily routine.

The consistency of moving your body even in the simplest acts like walking or running can prevent diseases and help to maintain good health.

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