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Stay active in the UK: London City Pilates and More

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

There are so many ways to stay active, and we want to help you find the activity for you. We provided different places in the UK that offer different types of activities. We can’t list all of the places in the UK so if you see an activity you like, feel free to google the closest studio towards you.

Ways to stay active

There are different ways to stay active, whether it’s from home or going out. Today we will provide some studios for you with different ways you can stay active.

Here is just a list of activities you can try:

  • Swimming

  • Running

  • Cycling

  • Yoga

  • Barre

  • Dancing

  • Pilates

If you are looking to stay active from home, you can find an online class with one of the studios below or look for a quick video on youtube.

A little bit of activity goes a long way. You not only keep your body fit, but you are helping your heart.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at these studios.

Studios in London

Today we're going to start with some pilates and some yoga studios, followed by some other activities that you can benefit from. Some places will even offer virtual classes if you can't make it to the studio or if you're not nearby.

If you see an activity you like but you’re not a fan of the studio, feel free to Google other studios in your area to see if one fits your preferences.

London City Pilates

London City Pilates is a part of London City Physiotherapy and London City Healthcare. You can book online, and they even offer a taster package. The Pilates taster is your first class to see if you are comfortable with pilates.

Not everyone likes pilates, so it is an excellent choice to see if you would enjoy it. From there, they also offer private sessions and group classes.

La Dolce Studio

We have another pilates studio that specializes in reformer pilates. It is our very own La Dolce Studio. We focus on creating a plan and series of pilates that will be catered to your body goals.

The reformer is a type of pilates that uses a machine. It can look intimidating, but our instructors are there to help you every step of the way.

The Yoga Studio London

Now we can take you to a yoga studio. If you are lucky, you might find studios that offer pilates, yoga, dancing, and more.

This yoga studio focuses explicitly on yoga through small class sizes. These classes focus on alignment and getting in touch with your body. They even offer kids and toddler classes.

Cambridge Barre Workout

Another activity is barre classes! Barre is a type of workout inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates. Each part of the body is working through different movements. At the Cambridge Barre Workout, you can expect to find more ballet focus movements.

They offer coaching and live classes - and they want to help you reach your personal goals.

StrongHer Space

StrongHer Space is a gym in London that offers a space for women. They offer virtual fitness classes, among other onsite projects. It is a place to motivate one another and focus on your body.

Third Space Tower Bridge

Here is another workout space that is open to everyone! The Third Space Tower Bridge is a luxurious health club. They currently offer onsite classes and online classes.

There offer numerous activities such as cycling, yoga, conditioning, and more. Third Space is quite an advanced space with a fantastic experience waiting.

At your beat

Source: At your beat

At your beat is a dance studio that offers upbeat dance classes. This is a great way to stay active and enjoy what you're doing. Their classes are organized based on the type of dance and genre, so there is quite the selection.

If you don't like hip hop or jazz, this might not be the place. You can try looking for some ballet or contemporary dance studios.


Hopefully, you were able to find a studio or at least an activity that you like. Of course, there are other activities out there that you might enjoy. If you don't feel comfortable going by yourself, you can always take a friend to enjoy the experience.

Overall that concludes our list of places to stay active. Feel free to keep searching to find which place is best for you.

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