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Beginner Pilates London, UK

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Starting Pilates can be a bit of a challenge. It is not your typical lifting weights exercise or even doing your best tree pose. Instead, there are different types of pilates that each have their styles of movement.

It takes some time to get used to the movements, feelings, and rhythm. Thus, we wanted to create some tips for beginner pilates.

7 Tips - Beginner Pilates London

1. Getting to know Pilates

Source: Life Time

As I mentioned, different types of pilates will have specific tips to help you along the way.

Once you have found the type of pilates for your personal goals, I would suggest doing further research on that style. For example, at La Dolce Studio, we use the reformer pilates style.

Reformer pilates means you will be working with a machine. Since this pilates style is not thought of as often, it would be best to look at some videos to prepare mentally.

Having a bit of mental preparation can help you be ready for the session.

2. Build Patience

Source: VeryWellMind

This first tip is obvious, but it is still important to discuss. With any workout or new habit, you have to build patience. Have patience with your results and with your body. Your technique is not going to be perfect in the first class.

If your technique is spot on, then amazing! But most people will take a few classes to get used to the technique. Thus you have to be patient with yourself. You don’t need to be perfect, but you need your instructor to make sure you are doing the moves correctly.

You also need to be patient with the results! Everyone has their reason for taking pilates, whether to improve flexibility or help recover from an injury. Whatever the reason is, you have to be patient with the results. Consistency is your friend.

3. Respect your body

Source: OR Today

Within the same realm of being patient, you also need to respect your body during the process. It is going to be frustrating at first to get used to the movements. Respect your body and have an open mind for future results.

If you respect your body before and during pilates, you will be more motivated to see results.

4. Focus on technique

Source: Body+Soul

Another standard tip is to focus on your technique. Having the correct technique is going to get you where you want to be.

If you are doing pilates incorrectly, it will lead to zero results and develop an injury. If you are worried about your technique, I recommend taking one-on-one classes. Having a one-on-one session can help you improve your technique and enjoy your sessions without any worries.

5. Watch for Pain

Speaking of a possible injury, it is also essential to watch for pain. Beginner Pilates is not meant to be painful. If you are in a painful position, ask your instructor for help. You might not be in the correct technique.

Pain can lead to an injury, and we don’t want that! You can expect your sessions to be awkward since your body isn’t used to the different positions.

The term “feeling the burn” is not applied to Pilates. Although it is considered a low-impact workout, you are not supposed to “feel the burn.”

6. Listen to your body

Source: Gaiam

With that being said, you need to listen to your body. Pilates allows you to connect with your breath and body. If you are not feeling 100%, it might not be a good day for your session.

Now that doesn’t mean to skip a session when you’re not in the mood. If you are physically not 100%, then you might want to hold out. If your body is okay, but the motivation isn’t there, then try to push yourself to attend

7. Set a schedule

Source: Canva

Pilates is a new habit you are integrating into your life. Thus you need to make sure you have a schedule that is appropriate for you. You can ask for help from one of the instructors to create the best schedule for you.

As I said, you’re not supposed to “feel the burn” from pilates, so there is no need to create multiple sessions a day.

Talk to your structure about your goals, and they can help set up a personalized schedule based on your goals and availability.


This concludes our “Beginner Pilates London, UK” article. Hopefully, you were able to take away a few things from these tips. They will help you on your Pilates journey and help you reach your personal goals.

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