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Still Trying to Motivate Yourself to Find Pilates Near You? 5 Effective Ways To Do Just That

Most people who are questioned about their health, diets and exercise regime respond in much of the same way. The most common excuses for many of us for not working out are that we are unmotivated, unsure about where to start and that we simply don't have enough time.

Although we know deep inside how important incorporating exercise is into our lives, so many of us still don't do it. We might, for example, Google 'Pilates near you' with every intention of making an appointment to try it out, but then never quite get around to doing so. So what might be able to finally motivate you to make that call? here are just a few ideas.

1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We covet what we see and more than that, when we have a visual it impacts us to the core. One of the best motivational tools some top Pilates instructors and other fitness pros advise their clients to use is a self before and after photo.

As uncomfortable as it may be, have a friend take a current photo of you and place the picture somewhere you will see it every day. Most choose to place it on the refrigerator as they utilize it daily and it will act as a deterrent when they are tempted to indulge in over-snacking.

At the same time, peruse a magazine or find an older picture of yourself that resembles your 'look' and place that picture right next to the current photo. This will give you the motivation to get moving. By seeing your current photo and also having a comparison with the ‘future' photo of yourself, it is a constant reminder of where you are and where you would like to be.

2. Strength in Numbers

Working out solo is seldom appealing which is why many people choose to go at this goal with a partner or at least to take a class one on one with an instructor. Not only will an Instructor act as someone you will have to be accountable to - something you don't have working out alone at the gym - but they can also motivate you and challenge you at the same time.

3. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

No one says you need to come out of the gate running. Sometimes the best way to begin and keep a habit going is to start slow. Make that call to book the pilates near you. Just one, to give it a try. Once you commit to your health and weight loss goals by committing to small increments of time - such as one session a week for a week or two - you can then begin to add sessions gradually and you will not feel quite so 'pressured' into meeting your fitness goals.

A common error for many inexperienced exercisers is to push themselves too hard at the onset and they quickly stop exercising altogether when they feel exhausted or that it is too difficult. As long as you are making the effort, remaining committed and increasing your goals over time, you are on the right track.

4. Rewards and Milestones

Another important aspect of making a success of your fitness efforts is to recognize when you are doing well. All of us respond positively to encouragement and certainly to rewards. Each time you complete a goal or each week that you exercise 'X' number of days, offer yourself a reward. Knowing that you will have a treat for all your hard work is a great motivator.

The reward you choose can be anything that suits your personality and that will make you feel good. Keep in mind though, that food or snack rewards should be minimal as they can infringe upon your goal.

5. Change it Up

One of the worst things those who exercise do is to get into too much of a pattern or 'rut.' It's hard enough to remain motivated but when we bore of our regimes, it is more so. Make sure you keep things interesting and find numerous ways to be active so that it stays fresh and exciting. Consider, for example, taking Pilates classes and running alone a couple of times a week as well. The two will help your body in different ways and 'the mix' will also help to keep things interesting.

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