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Achieve Your Summer Fitness Goals With Reformer Pilates In Fulham


With summer only a few months away and COVID restrictions starting to ease, you may think, how do I slip away from lockdown habits and back into my pre-pandemic fitness routine? 


Establishing determination is one- but even that will prove to be a struggle given how long the total lockdown was, and we were all stuck at home. Even with work, the bed can quickly call out to us, and every time we get stressed out, the fridge is just a few steps away. 


It’s safe to conclude that all the staying at home made us develop unhealthy habits. 


It doesn’t help either that unlike before where you can just walk in anytime in the gym and do your routine, present situations require setting appointments and other health and safety measures. 

If you’re into jogging or taking long walks to stay active, you might be missing going around the beautiful parks the city of Fulham offers. 


The likes of Bishop’s park or Hurling ham Park are great places to go to do your exercise routine. 


But you may still be hesitating to spend long hours outside your home, as even though the restriction is being put at ease gradually, the threat of the virus is still present more than ever. 


But of course, this shouldn’t hinder you from achieving that summer body goal that you’re now determined to have. 

One effective form of exercise to make this happen is by doing Reformer Pilates.

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What You Need To Know About Reformer Pilates In Fulham 

You probably already have plans for the summer- say, a reservation at the Fulham Beach Club? 


Or maybe you’re about to hang out with your friends whom you haven’t seen for quite some time, and you want to look your best? 


Starting your journey back to fitness as early as now is never a bad idea. An effective workout is to ease into it and never overwork yourself slowly. 


But what is an effective workout? It can be confusing, given the plethora of available options out there. Pilates is a popular choice due to the overall friendly nature of this type of exercise.


It is recommended for beginners and amateurs alike, and for the more experienced ones, they prefer the higher-intensity cousin that is Reformer Pilates.  If you’ve done mat Pilates before, you’ve already heard of or even tried reformer. 

But just in case you’re unfamiliar with Reformer Pilates, it is a branch of Pilates that uses specific equipment called Reformer, hence the name.


The Benefits Of Reformer Pilates 

Reformer Pilates can aid in the development and maintenance of general physical fitness, resulting in increased strength, flexibility, and endurance.


It also promotes improved posture, day-to-day vigor, and mental wellness. 

Anyone who wants to increase their overall fitness should incorporate Reformer Pilates into their routine.

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A full-body workout 

With the use of the Reformer carriage, you can target a specific movement that will result in a holistic body workout. 

The springs, pulleys, and long straps, along with the foobar, helps in performing the different exercises from the Reformer repertoire, picking out to strengthen the whole body and not just specific muscle points.

You control your pace  

The reformer carriage is that regardless of the intimidating vibe it exudes, it can be gentle on your body depending on how you set your pace. 


And that’s what’s excellent with overall Pilates. You are free to set your pacing to avoid overworking yourself and adjust it as you get used to how Pilates works on your body. 


This is a more practical approach; instead of pushing your body too far out of your limitations, this is a more practical approach. Your body will naturally adapt to it, making it a more enjoyable experience.

Strengthen your core 

Pilates’ main goal is to strengthen the core and improve its stability. 

By supporting and strengthening the muscles of the chest, hips, shoulders, and pelvic area, Reformer Pilates helps to establish a strong core.

Mind and body balance 

Concentration focuses on the mind-body link, which helps bring out more of Pilates' physical and mental benefits.


It also aids in developing healthier human mental abilities allowing us to perform better at work and home.

Pilates is intended to do more than merely strengthen muscles and enhance balance.  Stress and anxiety can be reduced, concentration and sleeping habits improved by focusing on breathing techniques.


A holistic approach 

To summarize Reformer Pilates’s benefits, it is a holistic approach to overall wellness. 


By not just focusing on your physical health, more significant benefits follow, helping you be more productive and have better focus. It operates on both the mind and the body, rather than just one part of the body.


Let La Dolce Studio help

Ready to begin your journey to a fantastic summer body? 

La Dolce Studio specializes in one-on-one pilates sessions, ensuring that each session is customized to your specific needs.

The exercise routines made by our highly trained professional instructors are tailored to each client's specific needs to target the areas that require more emphasis, making every class experience an efficient one. We believe that taking care of oneself and having fun is possible and that you may accomplish positive results while doing so. 


So don’t pressure yourself too much in achieving what you want. Instead, make every session an experience you would want to do repeatedly. 


Our one-on-one classes come in single and multiple appointments, so if you think it’s too early to commit, feel free to go with a single session first. 


We are confident that you will come back and work with us and let us help you explore your potential. 

Whether you want to maintain your current body or improve your appearance and self-esteem, reformer Pilates can help you achieve your goals. We hope to help you discover your body's potential through our workshops and learn how to use it more efficiently to accomplish results in less time and effort.

The road to your summer fitness goal is never too early to start!


Make an appointment with us now to get started.

  • I forgot my appointment, can I reschedule?"
    Yes, you can! We understand that life can be busy sometimes, so just take your time. Just drop a message for us, and we’ll let you know when your rescheduled appointment can be in no time.
  • What are your modes of payment?
    La Dolce Studio accepts bank transfers in MasterCard or VISA. We can also accommodate Paypal payments. Just let us know if you need our details.
  • Where can I contact you?
    If you wish to speak to us directly before coming by the studio, you can always fill out our form HERE. You can also send email inquiries at or leave us a message at +447851873322.
  • Can osteopathy treat my recurring migraine?
    Various factors can cause migraines. Through osteopathy, we can identify the root cause of your migraine and resolve it. Osteopathy relieves muscular spasms and stress in the body by using hands-on therapy. It will facilitate the body's natural healing process to allow improved mobility and enhanced drainage of bodily fluids for your migraine to be gone for good.
  • How many sessions do I need to get treated?
    The number of sessions you need to get fully treated varies depending on your body’s condition. It can also vary depending on how cooperative you are in getting the treatment done right. In short, there is no general number of sessions that we can give for everyone since treatment of this kind must be customised to each client.
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