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Prepping for Pilates Battersea

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

If you are in Battersea, then you are in luck! Just a short 20-minute drive is La Dolce Studio. You can start strengthening your breath and body. First, we want to offer different ways you can prepare for your pilates class.

Starting pilates can seem like such a hassle. Over time, your motivation decreases, and it feels so hard to get up and go to class. We have six steps to prepare you for your pilates class that can improve your motivation.

Pilates Battersea: How to Prep for Pilates

1. Find the best workout clothes

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Even though you are not lifting weights or running, you should still wear workout clothes for your pilates session. You can wear more yoga attire, but essentially you want clothes that allow you to stretch and move comfortably.

If you are having a hard time finding motivation try to find workout clothes you feel comfortable wearing. When we wear clothes we like and look good in people tend to have more confidence. The same goes for working out.

Try finding yoga pants or shorts you think you look good in, and you will feel more motivated and confident!

2. Nutritious Snack

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Before working out, you always get the question if you should eat first. During and after your Pilates session, you will notice a drain in your body if you didn’t eat.

Since pilates is all about focus, it will be hard to focus while being drained or hungry. Overall you might not feel good about the session, and it can keep you from going back.

If you are going to have a full meal, you need to eat 2-3 hours beforehand. If you want a snack, it needs to be within 45 mins - 60 mins before your session. Your snack needs to have more proteins and carbs.

The proteins and carbs will give you the strength you need during the workout and help replenish your muscles.

If you are in Battersea, UK, there are plenty of places to stop by before your pilates session.

  • Joe & the Juice

  • Funky Juice

  • CPRESS Chelsea

  • Riot chicken

3. Stretch

Now that you have some fuel, you also want to prepare your body physically. Pilates involves stretching and movements people don’t commonly do on a day to day basis.

Some light stretching can help prepare your body, especially if you are driving to your session. You can try walking to class but nothing more than 10 minutes because you want to relax and focus on your breathing.

4. Grab your favourite water bottle

Source: good housekeeping

When you have finished your stretches, it’s time to grab some water. You don’t need a big jug for class because you actually won’t be drinking much. Water is still okay to have on standby, just in case.

If you feel a sudden need for water during your session, try to take a sip between movements or ask your instructor. Again you want to focus on your body, so you don’t want to disturb your session.

On the other hand, you could lose focus if you are thirsty. That’s why to keep your water bottle close. A water bottle can help you hydrate but don’t expect too many water breaks.

5. Pack your equipment

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Next, it’s time to pack your equipment. With pilates, you don’t need a lot of equipment. Depending on the type of pilates, you might need your yoga mat.

Some studios provide yoga mats, but since Covid, it’s better to bring your mat. If you are coming to La Dolce Studio, we have the reformer machine. You only need to bring yourself and a water bottle if you like.

Check with the pilates class to see what equipment you need.

6. Relax on your way

Source: Inc

Now you are ready to head out! We still need to prepare your mind on the way to class. In the car, try to listen to a song that can relax your mind.

Leave earlier enough to get to class on time or even earlier. The worse feeling is stress from rushing through traffic. It will be tough to relax during class which can become more frustrating.

Try your best to work on slow breathes on your way to class. If you are going to pilates in Battersea, you can try walking if that helps you relax.


We hope you enjoy your new routine before your pilates class. Stay motivated and be mindful of your body. If you are struggling before or during class, feel free to ask the instructor for help! That is what we are here for.

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