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Pilates Classes East London

Are you ready to exercise your body in the way you want to? Time to take a look at “Pilates Classes East London!” There are classes for strengthening, relaxation, and flexibility!

Types of Pilates Classes

Every studio will have different classes, so we wanted to go over the common ones to help you decide.

One on One

Many smaller studios will have one-on-one pilates so the instructors can focus on the individual’s goals. It can be intimidating, but I would recommend this class if you are just starting.

Movements in pilates can be a bit awkward, so it helps to have some guidance.


Next is group pilates which can be small or large classes. Always make sure the group has a specific level. If you are a beginner walking into an advanced class, you might end up getting hurt.

Check out the levels or see if the class is open to everyone.


Of course, with the result of Covid-19, there are now virtual classes. Check on the website if virtual classes are still available. It seems like some studios enjoy offering virtual and Livestream while it might be limited at other studios.

Mommy & Me

This class might seem like an odd one to note, but pregnancy and prenatal classes are trendy. Some classes even allow you to bring your baby. We have a few studios that offer pregnancy classes.

We wanted to let you know that these classes are available, so if you don’t find them on our list, you can try a google search.

Pilates Classes East London

East London Pilates

East London Pilates offers classes in 12-week blocks or terms that are structured to track your progress. There is a max of 14 attended per course to maintain a personalised experience.

East London Pilates offers classes online for people at different levels. If you are a beginner or advanced member of pilates, there is a class for you.

East of Eden

Source: East of Eden

Location: Studio 1, 14 Hatherley Mews, London E17 4QP, United Kingdom

East of Eden offers a variety of classes beyond just pilates. They offer yoga, barre, and gong sound baths. You can even visit their vegetarian cafe.

East of Eden is a perfect place to take your friends or employees to a workshop. They offer classes for beginners, families, relaxation, and more. They also offer retreats, therapies, and corporate partnerships.

Tempo Pilates E1

Source: Tempo Pilates

Location: Unit 1, Great Eastern Buildings, Reading Ln, London E8 1FR, United Kingdom

Tempo Pilates offers online and beginner classes with HIIT workouts. You can expect more intense classes for flexibility and stamina.

The classes are low impact and focus on strengthening the mechanics of pilates.

I would recommend this studio for those who are used to workout out in a gym with weights and machines. If you prefer yoga, then you might want to try another studio that is pilates focused and not as intense.

Studio 225

Source: Studio 225

Location:225 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8NB, United Kingdom

Studio 225 offers pilates for everyone, including pre & postnatal Pilates. Something exciting about this studio is that they offer a running club for all levels of runners.

These classes are online and in person. You can also find reformer pilates at different levels for offers pregnancy/postnatal classes. You may also find pilates with different focus areas such as core strength, stretching, and back pain.

London City Pilates

Source: London City Pilates

Location: Lower Ground, 63 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4UA, United Kingdom

London City Pilates is quite a professional setting. The teachings are formed by instructors who work with Physiotherapists. They offer a corrective exercise on that mat, reformer, and other equipment pilates.

Their classes can be one to one sessions and small group classes. They now offer live streaming with no limits for everyone to enjoy.

London City Pilates wants everyone to improve their body and reach their personal goals.

Victoria Park Pilates

Source: Victoria Park Pilates

Location: St Augustines Hall, Cadogan Terrace, London E9 5EG, United Kingdom

Victoria Park Pilates offers mat work & equipment pilates. They are formerly known as “My Local Pilates “and has expanded to a new space. They now offer equipment sessions like the chair, reformer, barrel, and the eight custom-designed wall tower units.

Victoria Park Pilates is perfect for those who want to take their movements beyond the mat. Every machine focuses on different areas of the body and other factors. If you are overwhelmed with the machines, feel free to talk to the staff about which class is right for you.

They also provide Strength and Suspension training for fitness and general conditioning.

Final Thoughts

Pilates is a great way to stay active for those who like low-impact workouts. We have provided a variety of classes ranging from stretching to more intense movements.

Hopefully, you can find a studio near you - if not, suitable there are virtual classes.

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