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Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core With Pilates for Hypermobility


Hypermobility has no known cure, although the primary remedy could be to increase muscle strength and fitness to protect your joints. 


And you can take a wild guess on how we plan to help achieve this...


With Pilates!


You can do many exercises to strengthen your muscles, but pilates is the safest way. 


Pilates is a low-impact exercise, so you don’t need to worry about having to worsen your condition. Though you can do pilates at home, it’s still best to seek help from an expert. 


La Dolce Studio offers one-on-one sessions with a professional trainer so you can ensure to execute it properly. Hence, avoiding further injuries. Our plans are tailored to fit your medical and wellness needs. 


Concentrate on yourself and improve fast with a certified pilates instructor. 

Contact us to book a pilates class.

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The Power of Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that focuses on muscle strength while improving postural alignment, movement pattern and core stability. It was developed in the 1920s by physical trainer Joseph Pilates for therapeutic purposes. 


The pilates method was first used to treat troops returning from war and dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine (to strengthen their bodies and heal their aches and pains).


Pilates is done with or without apparatus, but the routines will always include slow, precise movements and breath control.


Pilates is incredibly adaptable; while you can perform it in a gym or studio, you can also do it at home. If an at-home workout is your style, or if you want to familiarise yourself with the exercise type before enrolling in a public class, many streaming or virtual Pilates options are available.


Regardless of how you attend the courses, trying pilates can be a game changer for your health and workout, regardless of your fitness background.


Why Pilates For Hypermobility

People with joint hypermobility syndrome have specific concerns such as joint dislocation, pain during heavy activities, and stiffness in some joints. Many people also struggle with the awareness of bodily parts concerning one another in space. Because the joints lack inherent stability, they must seek it elsewhere.


While not everyone with hypermobile joints may experience these symptoms, it is critical for those who concentrate on strength, muscle control, and proprioception to understand how the body moves in space.


Pilates is an excellent practice for developing body awareness in persons with hypermobile joints. It teaches you how to move at the joint level, strengthen the mind-body connection, develop control over the deeper layers of the body, and create power from within.


In addition, pilates will work to strengthen the joints by reducing the range of motion and focusing more on the joint/muscle origin of the action. 

Stabilisation is achieved through joint strengthening. 


These exercises are designed specifically for persons with hypermobility to allow for an equally distributed stress on the body, preventing hanging in some regions and locking in others. Your complete range may be stunning to look at, but it may not be that good for your body.


Pilates help to establish an evenness of effort throughout the body by engaging the joints’ deep muscles. This results in better comprehension (of each individual’s unique physique), sharper reflexes, and stability. 

Rather than reaching and lengthening’ hypermobile joints, Pilates teachers in La Dolce Studio will employ signals to link and stabilise them. The emphasis will be on teaching an anchor point and moving from a centring position.


Other Health Benefits of Pilates

Have you considered trying pilates? Here are five Pilates advantages that may convince you.

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Improves Your Posture

Pilates exercises are designed to enhance abdominal, glute, and deep core muscle strength, with a strong emphasis on improving postural alignment.


Improving the strength of these muscles provides a stronger foundation for maintaining spinal alignment and upright posture. It also allows for less tension on your joints and ligaments, particularly those in your shoulder and neck.

Builds Core Strength

Many Pilates movements develop and rely on core strength. Specifically, it focuses on abdominal strength or the deepest layer of abdominal muscles. These muscles help to maintain the spine, raise the pelvic floor, and support the diaphragm.


This set of muscles creates a support system that allows us to discover efficiency and balance in movement, ease and mobility of breath, and fluidity and alignment in physiological work.

Relieves Muscle Tension

Strong core muscles promote improved posture, which helps avoid or relieve muscle strain in our daily routines. Many people have weak core and back muscles, and strengthening these postural muscles helps balance out the strain caused by this deficit. A stronger core and back muscles can help pull you out of those strenuous desk positions that produce stress and soreness in your shoulders and legs.

Promotes Weight Loss

As you work on toning your body, you promote your body’s ability to burn fat. Pilates builds muscle, which is significant since muscle growth improves your body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR). This constitutes the number of calories you lose performing daily sustainable functions. Higher muscle function occurs from pilates and enhances your BMR.


Decreases Back Pain

The weaker your core, the more likely you are to suffer from back pain. 

Pilates emphasises core-strengthening as a foundation, notably addressing positional control of the lumbopelvic area. You can transfer Pilates movement patterns to many other dynamic activities.

As a result, pilates can help protect you against back pain not only during other workouts but also during everyday activities such as lifting, reaching, and bending over.

Relieves Your Stress

Exercising increases our endorphins, which work as a natural stress reliever. Pilates also employs breath control, another excellent method for not only reducing stressed feelings in the present but also balancing the body’s autonomic nervous system and alleviating long-term symptoms of stress-related disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Rehabs Injuries

Pilates is an excellent way to increase strength and flexibility, creating excellent resistance to injuries. While doing so, It also adds practical variation to your workout routine. Because it is primarily low-impact, people with joint and muscular difficulties can use it to create sustainable strategies for working the body without causing additional stress or irritation during movement.


Try Doing Pilates for the First Time With A Professional

If hypermobility is interfering with your life, it is critical to understand your body, find a professional who can spot the symptoms, and work with you to build stability.


La Dolce Studio offers virtual and one-on-one studio sessions. Aside from that, you will practice with a professional who will guide you throughout your sessions. If you’ve already tried pilates alone and felt how challenging it is to maintain stability, don’t worry; we can help you with that.


Whether you want to build lean and toned muscles, increase your strength, improve your posture, or are interested in stretching and light prehab movement, we’ve got the class for you. 


Every session at La Dolce Studio is tailored to your specific health and fitness requirements and goals.

Book a class with us and start your session today.

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  • I forgot my appointment, can I reschedule?"
    Yes, you can! We understand that life can be busy sometimes, so just take your time. Just drop a message for us, and we’ll let you know when your rescheduled appointment can be in no time.
  • What are your modes of payment?
    La Dolce Studio accepts bank transfers in MasterCard or VISA. We can also accommodate Paypal payments. Just let us know if you need our details.
  • Where can I contact you?
    If you wish to speak to us directly before coming by the studio, you can always fill out our form HERE. You can also send email inquiries at or leave us a message at +447851873322.
  • Can osteopathy treat my recurring migraine?
    Various factors can cause migraines. Through osteopathy, we can identify the root cause of your migraine and resolve it. Osteopathy relieves muscular spasms and stress in the body by using hands-on therapy. It will facilitate the body's natural healing process to allow improved mobility and enhanced drainage of bodily fluids for your migraine to be gone for good.
  • How many sessions do I need to get treated?
    The number of sessions you need to get fully treated varies depending on your body’s condition. It can also vary depending on how cooperative you are in getting the treatment done right. In short, there is no general number of sessions that we can give for everyone since treatment of this kind must be customised to each client.
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