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Prevent, Rehabilitate Your Running Injuries With Our Osteopathy For Runners

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Running is an excellent physical exercise for everyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Running can boost mood, increase muscle tone, and improve cardiovascular and circulation fitness. 


Running does, however, have some risks, particularly for long-distance and marathon runners, much like any other kind of intense exercise.

Even the most seasoned athletes can suffer from running injuries like shin splits, knee pain, muscular imbalance, etc., especially in the beginning and during intense training. 


Whether you are training for your first marathon or a seasoned runner looking to improve your personal best, it is necessary to take steps to avoid injury and to seek care if you are injured.


So what therapeutic procedures are available if you suffer a severe accident or need rehabilitation?

Although there are many other therapeutic choices, today, we'd want to concentrate exclusively on one: osteopathy. Seeking general osteopathic council could be beneficial to achieving your marathon ambitions.


At La Dolce, we can advise you on how to approach this holistic manual therapy. We are confident that you will benefit from it as a runner. Our professionals will guide you through the treatment process and provide all the information you need to understand the whole method.


See how osteopathy can benefit you as a runner by reading on.

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What Is Osteopathy?

A.T. was the founder of osteopathic medicine. He made the analogy between an engineer and an osteopath. When treating a patient, an osteopath should be able to control the process by visualising the body as an engine or system. This led to the idea that osteopathic treatment must be comprehensive, treating the body as a whole.


In the UK, osteopathy is a form of complementary or alternative medicine that involves moving, stretching, and massaging a patient's joints and muscles to identify, address, and prevent health problems. It is a popular therapy for treating sports injuries and various joint, bone, and muscle issues.


Osteopaths use a holistic approach to treatment and concentrate primarily on the musculoskeletal system (the bones, joints, muscles, and tissues). They encourage the body to return to its normal function. 

Osteopaths, as opposed to chiropractors, can analyse, identify, and treat any underlying issues brought on by strenuous exercise, such as running.


While pain or discomfort may sometimes be localised to one part of the body, its causes frequently originate elsewhere. Osteopaths examine a person's mobility, stability, and alignment across the spine and lower limbs using biomechanical assessment techniques.


Osteopaths aim to restore the body to its normal function by employing a variety of mild stretches, manipulations, and massage techniques. This helps to reduce any tension that has built up in the muscles around joints and improves circulation. This form of care can help with injury treatment and injury prevention.

Leg Stretch

The Benefits Of Osteopathy For Runners

When you come to La Dolce, we first take you through an assessment because that is as important as the actual treatment. In this examination, we will look at your medical history. This helps us understand the source of your problem and determine the most beneficial treatment for you.


Whether you run for fun or for a living, you are aware of the risks that long runs pose to your body. Mild to severe injuries can include a runner's knee, sprains, and muscle tears. We can talk about running injuries all day, but let's speak about the benefits of osteopathy for runners.

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It Is A Holistic Approach

Osteopathy's holistic approach is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Instead of concentrating only on the injured location, an osteopath considers the relationship between the injured area and the entire body's health. For instance, if you go to an osteopath for therapy for a runner's knee, they will examine your lower back, hips, and feet in addition to your knee. The practitioner will try to restore a proper connection with the rest of your body after learning more about your background and habits.

There Is Only Therapy; There Is No Medication

Osteopathy is a manual, holistic therapy with the sole intention of assisting the body to heal itself. Osteopathy is grounded on the solid belief that the body can heal itself, given the proper techniques are used. The patient does not need to take any other medications or pharmaceuticals. Because it supports a healthy body at all times, it can be a beneficial treatment for frequent and professional runners.

Long-Term Gains

Osteopathy delivers numerous long-term benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Osteopathy can be used as a preventative measure, assisting athletes and runners in staying injury-free in the future. Osteopathy involves lifestyle, dietary, and exercise modifications in addition to the actual therapy.

Proven Osteopathic Treatments For Runners

Joint Mobilisation

Gentle manipulation and articulation are employed to increase joint mobility and range of motion.

Soft Tissue Massage

By applying deep pressure to the muscles and using trigger point therapy, this procedure aims to improve blood flow while also releasing and relaxing the muscles.

Functional and Biomechanical Movement Assessment

This basically means analysing your stride when running and walking. The study of your movement will also examine the effects of running on your feet, knees, hips, and back.

Therapeutic Exercises

We suggest particular stretches and exercises for muscle rehabilitation after an accident and regular training regimens.


Let La Dolce Help You Get On Track

In addition to your pain or problem, our osteopaths will spend considerable time learning about your general health, any further medical treatments you are receiving, and any medications you are taking. 


This is done to look for more severe illnesses we cannot manage and might need that you visit your doctor or a hospital if necessary.


We'll evaluate your entire body to comprehend how it moves, search for further dysfunctional areas, and analyse the condition of your ligaments, tissues, and joints.


The main objective of osteopathic treatment is to improve your body's range of motion. Your body will become more effective as a result, allowing you to spend less energy and direct it toward recovery and healing. This ultimately results in fewer injuries, reduced downtime, and better performance.

Our Osteopaths are experts in anatomy, including the knowledge of the bones, tissues, joints, and muscles. We have been assisting patients with finding the source of the issue of their problems to help them enhance their overall health and sense of wellness.


Our team members have a wide range of expertise and a lot of musculoskeletal care experience. We also work to give our patients guidance and prescribed exercise to lower the chance of re-injury and support healthy function so that they have coping mechanisms to deal with physical and psychological stress's impact on the body.

Contact us to get started.

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  • I forgot my appointment, can I reschedule?"
    Yes, you can! We understand that life can be busy sometimes, so just take your time. Just drop a message for us, and we’ll let you know when your rescheduled appointment can be in no time.
  • What are your modes of payment?
    La Dolce Studio accepts bank transfers in MasterCard or VISA. We can also accommodate Paypal payments. Just let us know if you need our details.
  • Where can I contact you?
    If you wish to speak to us directly before coming by the studio, you can always fill out our form HERE. You can also send email inquiries at or leave us a message at +447851873322.
  • Can osteopathy treat my recurring migraine?
    Various factors can cause migraines. Through osteopathy, we can identify the root cause of your migraine and resolve it. Osteopathy relieves muscular spasms and stress in the body by using hands-on therapy. It will facilitate the body's natural healing process to allow improved mobility and enhanced drainage of bodily fluids for your migraine to be gone for good.
  • How many sessions do I need to get treated?
    The number of sessions you need to get fully treated varies depending on your body’s condition. It can also vary depending on how cooperative you are in getting the treatment done right. In short, there is no general number of sessions that we can give for everyone since treatment of this kind must be customised to each client.
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