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Target And Relax Your Muscles With Our Professional Osteopathy For Fibromyalgia


Widespread musculoskeletal pain coupled with impairments in memory, mood, sleep, and exhaustion are the hallmarks of the illness known as Fibromyalgia. Experts believe fibromyalgia alters how your brain interprets pain signals, amplifying uncomfortable feelings.


Fibromyalgia is more common in women than in men. Numerous patients with fibromyalgia also experience tension headaches, TMJ issues, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, and depression.


Managing and treating fibromyalgia condition can be quite challenging. Fibromyalgia comes with a wide range of symptoms, from exhaustion to incapacitating muscle pain, so it's common for patients to try several different therapies before finding any relief.


Osteopathy offers distinctive treatments that are efficient and have few adverse effects. Your fibromyalgia pain can be quickly and effectively relieved with osteopathy. Practitioners can encourage the body's natural healing processes and ease uncomfortable symptoms by manipulating the body. 


According to osteopaths, the bones, muscles, nerves, and organs work together to form the body. Osteopaths can promote general healing and therapy by making systemic adjustments.


At La Dolce Studio, we provide an osteopathy approach to treating fibromyalgia since the discomfort is very real, and it may be effective where more traditional medical treatments have failed. Our osteopathic treatment breaks the cycle of tension and agony by releasing muscles and joints that have accumulated tension due to discomfort. 


We will help your body to unwind and operate more freely, decreasing discomfort and enhancing your quality of life and mental health. With our effective therapy, you can enjoy your leisure time, whether it’s strolling at Bishops Park, Stamford Bridge, or spending time admiring the magnificence of Fulham Palace.


Book your appointment today.

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About Fibromyalgia 

Pain and stiffness in the muscles can occur all over the body as a result of the chronic (long-term) disorder known as fibromyalgia. Other symptoms, including fatigue, trouble sleeping, trouble thinking properly, and sadness, can frequently follow the physical symptoms. 


Women between the ages of 30 and 50 are typically affected by fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia may develop after a traumatic experience that was either physically or emotionally taxing, while its exact causes are unknown.


Chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, and irritable bowel syndrome are just a few of the numerous conditions that frequently coexist with fibromyalgia, which may be very crippling. 


Finding a fibromyalgia treatment that works well to manage both the pain and the underlying medical issues, as well as to help you stay optimistic, is crucial if you want to retain your quality of life and excellent mental health.

Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia

The most common symptom is all-over body pain, with painful areas surrounding joints. People with fibromyalgia cannot perform due to the pain, partly because they always feel worn out. Fibromyalgia is a chronic or long-lasting disease that typically takes several years to treat. It could happen suddenly or right after becoming hurt.


Soft tissues all across the body exhibit pain in fibromyalgia. The neck, chest, shoulders, elbows, knees, buttocks, and lower back are common areas of pain and stiffness. The sore areas don't appear to be inflamed. Most examinations of fibromyalgia patients' anatomical structures reveal nothing unusual.


Fibromyalgia causes severe, persistent symptoms. They can, however, change daily.



One thing is certain: you are not making this up. Fibromyalgia has unclear causes. Many patients have heard from family members or other professionals that their symptoms are all in their heads. People living with fibromyalgia frequently experience depression, and stress exacerbates symptoms. However, it doesn't appear that stress or depression is what is causing the condition.


The dominant theory is that FMS results from a malfunction of the neurological system. 


According to recent research, a central nervous system disorder causes fibromyalgia. The way the nervous system detects and communicates pain signals appears to be affected by some error. 


The nervous system perceives even a light touch as a noxious (painful) stimulus. A breeze passing by the barn has the effect of sending the brain a ten-alarm fire signal. This kind of nervous system dysregulation is likely brought on by alterations in the brain's blood flow, issues with the processes that deal with pain, and metabolic anomalies. 


Serotonin, a brain chemical related to pain, sleep, and mood, is less present in sufferers and has lower thresholds for pain.

Benefits Of Osteopathy For Fibromyalgia 

Instead of covering up pain or teaching patients how to manage the symptoms, osteopathy for fibromyalgia focuses on addressing the underlying physical issues to break the pain cycle. An osteopathic approach directly targets tension built up in the body due to pain by loosening and relaxing tightened muscles and joints.


As the body tenses up in reaction to chronic pain, it is typical to feel discomfort and stiffness in the shoulder, neck, and back, for instance. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, brought on by ribs, chest, and neck strain, can cause symptoms like pins and needles in the arms and hands. 


Osteopathic treatment immediately addresses these issues, relieving the stiffness and producing a noticeable physical improvement. Other bodily parts can then relax, which lessens discomfort and enhances mental health.


We at La Dolce Studio are aware of all these issues and consider them in every aspect of our practice. 


We can assist you regardless of the type of pain you are experiencing, including musculoskeletal, neuropathic, fibromyalgia and other types. Our treatment philosophy is to thoroughly examine each patient before implementing their individualised treatment plans. It will help you quickly return to your best self.


Let Us Help You

Fibromyalgia is a common, incapacitating illness with variable symptoms. Recognising the diagnosis is crucial so the patient can access the right therapy approach.


The best way to manage fibromyalgia is through a multimodal, holistic strategy that includes the patient's primary care physician.


Being dragged around, poked, and cracked while having fibromyalgia is probably the last thing you want to happen or think would make your pain disappear. At La Dolce Studio, we wholeheartedly concur! A thorough understanding of the variety of fibromyalgia-related symptoms you experience will come through an osteopathic evaluation. 


Using various mild techniques, we will help aching, stiff muscles and joints regain function. Along with these osteopathic treatments, the session will also include lifestyle recommendations you can follow at home to continue your development.


Book your appointment today. 

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  • I forgot my appointment, can I reschedule?"
    Yes, you can! We understand that life can be busy sometimes, so just take your time. Just drop a message for us, and we’ll let you know when your rescheduled appointment can be in no time.
  • What are your modes of payment?
    La Dolce Studio accepts bank transfers in MasterCard or VISA. We can also accommodate Paypal payments. Just let us know if you need our details.
  • Where can I contact you?
    If you wish to speak to us directly before coming by the studio, you can always fill out our form HERE. You can also send email inquiries at or leave us a message at +447851873322.
  • Can osteopathy treat my recurring migraine?
    Various factors can cause migraines. Through osteopathy, we can identify the root cause of your migraine and resolve it. Osteopathy relieves muscular spasms and stress in the body by using hands-on therapy. It will facilitate the body's natural healing process to allow improved mobility and enhanced drainage of bodily fluids for your migraine to be gone for good.
  • How many sessions do I need to get treated?
    The number of sessions you need to get fully treated varies depending on your body’s condition. It can also vary depending on how cooperative you are in getting the treatment done right. In short, there is no general number of sessions that we can give for everyone since treatment of this kind must be customised to each client.
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