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Get A 100% Safe And Effective Way To Release Muscle Tension With Our Customised Knee Pain Therapy


In the UK, osteoarthritis has been clinically identified in 10% of persons. The global prevalence is roughly 16%. As has been observed throughout the world, the knee joint is the most frequently affected joint. 


Millions of people with knee discomfort will visit a physical therapist on their path to pain recovery. A highly trained, certified practitioner, a physical therapist treats a wide range of illnesses, chronic disorders, and injuries.


Physical therapy's primary objective is to enhance your everyday quality of life by reducing pain and enhancing mobility. Physical therapy can certainly assist if you experience discomfort or trouble rising from and sitting in a chair, walking the length of a grocery store, climbing stairs, or if you have been avoiding daily tasks because of pain, stiffness, or weakness.


At La Dolce Studio, we are aware of all these variables and consider them in every aspect of our patient care. For people with chronic pain, we are the one-stop place.


We can assist you whether your pain is musculoskeletal, neuropathic, or any other type. Our approach is to thoroughly examine each patient before implementing their individualised treatment plans. It will help you quickly return to your best self.


With our targeted therapy, you can comfortably stroll in Bishop's Park, enjoy the magnificence of Fulham Palace, or enjoy your meals at The River Cafe.


Make your appointment to get rid of your knee pain. 

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Benefits Of Knee Pain Therapy

Persistent knee discomfort can bring alot of challenges. A stiff or aching knee might make it hard to run, jump, or even walk around your house, not to mention the pain itself. Knee discomfort can also worsen balance issues and cause falls that could be dangerous.


Several treatments are available depending on your health and the reason for your knee discomfort, but physical therapy is often an effective option.


Physical therapy has various advantages, some of which are listed below.

Fewer Medications Are Required

When they are in pain, people frequently turn to drugs. The pain may be temporarily covered up by medication, but they will not address the underlying source of the discomfort, which will bring about medication dependency. 


You might not need to use as many painkillers because physical therapy helps control and minimise pain.

Fewer Medications Are Required

A condition may require surgery if it progresses sufficiently without therapy. Surgery is invasive, hazardous, expensive, and painful, and thus, this is a concern. By addressing your problems early enough, physical therapy can help you avoid the need for surgical intervention.


Enhanced Mobility

Knee pain can make it difficult for you to move around, perform your job, or participate in your favourite activities, including playing with your kids or animals. Your strength, range of motion, and mobility will all be improved due to physical therapy sessions, allowing you to move around more easily.

When standing or moving, knee pain can make you unbalanced. It is a risk because losing one's equilibrium can result in a damaging fall.


You can be led through exercises by physical therapists to increase your balance and reduce your chance of falling.

Enhanced Balance

Reduce The Future Possibility Of Knee Pain

Simply treating your pain is insufficient. Physical therapists strive to assist you in avoiding the onset of new pain. Numerous methods for managing pain can also be employed to stop more discomfort.


Physical therapists can also advise you on posture correction and other pain-relieving methods.

When Is The Right Time For You To Get Knee Pain Therapy?

Physical therapy could be the answer you need for your knee pain. Research has shown that physical therapy can enhance your quality of life for conditions including meniscal tears and minor to moderate osteoarthritis. In some situations, you can also avoid surgical intervention.


Still, physical therapy can be a crucial component of your rehabilitation process both before and after surgery, for example, if you and your doctor determine that surgery is the best course for you. 


Your presurgical physical therapy may include as its objectives the development of strength, education, and the creation of a home exercise programme. It is referred to as "pre-hab."


Based on studies, individuals who take part in physical therapy pre-operative sessions recover from surgery more quickly and require less intensive post-operative care. You will recover from surgery stronger, more mobile, and more confident if you are stronger and more knowledgeable before the procedure.


Additionally, following any knee surgery, including arthroscopic procedures and partial or total joint replacements, you might be given a brief reference to a physical therapist to help you regain your mobility, strengthen your core, learn to walk without the aid of a cane, advance your home exercise regimen, and resume your previous work, family, and leisure activities.


Let Us Help You

The knee joint is one of the physical components that is hurt the most frequently, and it is also one of the most painful. Regardless of age or degree of fitness, anyone can develop knee pain.


Our multidisciplinary team of knee specialists at La Dolce Studio in Fulham can assist you in getting better, whether you have a minor muscle strain or are recuperating from significant knee surgery. 


We will examine your knee and its muscles, using specialised body composition equipment to search for imbalances causing your pain.


Book your appointment today, and we will be pleased to assist you. 

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  • I forgot my appointment, can I reschedule?"
    Yes, you can! We understand that life can be busy sometimes, so just take your time. Just drop a message for us, and we’ll let you know when your rescheduled appointment can be in no time.
  • What are your modes of payment?
    La Dolce Studio accepts bank transfers in MasterCard or VISA. We can also accommodate Paypal payments. Just let us know if you need our details.
  • Where can I contact you?
    If you wish to speak to us directly before coming by the studio, you can always fill out our form HERE. You can also send email inquiries at or leave us a message at +447851873322.
  • Can osteopathy treat my recurring migraine?
    Various factors can cause migraines. Through osteopathy, we can identify the root cause of your migraine and resolve it. Osteopathy relieves muscular spasms and stress in the body by using hands-on therapy. It will facilitate the body's natural healing process to allow improved mobility and enhanced drainage of bodily fluids for your migraine to be gone for good.
  • How many sessions do I need to get treated?
    The number of sessions you need to get fully treated varies depending on your body’s condition. It can also vary depending on how cooperative you are in getting the treatment done right. In short, there is no general number of sessions that we can give for everyone since treatment of this kind must be customised to each client.
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